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 driver restore activation serial key

We have received a number of emails from our customers with varied queries related to the Driver Restore Activation Key. In this article, we have compiled solutions to the most frequently asked questions by our users.

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🔵 What is Driver Restore Activation Key ?

The activation key, also known as the driver restore registration key code, is the license key used to activate the Driver Restore application on your system. When a user installs Driver Restore, it scans the computer and provides a complete list of Out-of-date drivers. In order to update the outdated system drivers using Driver Restore, you need to register and provide the unique activation key.

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How can I get the activation key for Driver Restore?

You can get the activation key for Driver Restore through two methods:

  • Driver Restore website
  • Driver Restore application

METHOD – 1: Driver Restore website


You can also purchase the Driver Restore directly by following these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Buy’ page on our website .
  2. Choose the suitable package and Click on ‘Purchase Now’.
  3. On clicking this button, you will be redirected to the Registration Page.
  4. Fill the all the details carefully. After filling up the required details click on ‘Register Now’ button.
  5. After clicking on ‘Register Now’ tab you will be redirected to the next page to make the payment either by Credit Card or Paypal..
  6. Please fill your details carefully and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  7. You can view the order confirmation page with the registration key and order total.
  8. Enter your Registration key in the box provided and click on ‘Register Now’ tab.
  9. By clicking on ‘OK’ button you are ready to use Driver Restore.

METHOD-2 : Driver Restore Application

  • Driver Restore starts scanning your system after it is downloaded and reports the outdated or missing drivers.
  • Driver Restore software provides a detailed Scan Summary and the provision to update the drivers once the scan is complete.

Driver Restore Activation Key

  • By clicking on the “Update Drivers Now” in the Scan Summary Window, you will be redirected to the “Registration page” on the website.
  • Following the completion of Registration, you will proceed with the payment process.
  • After the successful processing of the payment, you will receive the order confirmatory email with the order details and the Activation key.

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💻I have the activation key. Where do I need to enter it ?

Driver Restore Serial Key

For those users who have already purchased the key, they can enter the key and activate the key to update the drivers on your PC system.

As you will add the activation key on the registration window, the Driver Restore will start analyzing the missed or

FAQs - driver restore activation key

🔵 Invalid Activation Key. Help me with this.

invalid activation key - Driver Restore Key

This is a very common question that is asked by many of our users. The solution can be explained in three scenarios:

  • You can uninstall the application and remove the files from the system. Then, reinstall Driver Restore and use the same activation key.

    Note– You don’t need to purchase another key if you are facing the “Invalid Activation Key”  error.

  • Sometimes extra space between the activation key characters causes this error. To make sure the key works fine, copy it correctly from the email and paste it in the registration window. Ensure that there is no blank space in the beginning of the key.
  • The Activation key is case sensitive. So, if you are trying to type it yourself, be sure you are typing the upper case and lower case characters correctly. The key will work fine.

FAQs - driver restore activation key

🔵 Why haven’t I received a confirmation email yet?

If you have not received the Driver Restore message to confirm your email address, please consider the below mentioned solutions::

  • Please check your spam or junk mail folder.
  • Make sure you have registered the correct email Id with us.
  • Ensure you are checking the confirmation message in the same email ID as provided to us.

If you still don’t see the email, you can ask us for the invoice copy. And, we will provide the activation key as well as the order details. You can also contact our support team by calling at these phone numbers mentioned below:

Need Further Help Call ☎️ 18883270072

FAQs - driver restore activation key

🔵 I have already paid for the Driver Restore activation key. Why is it asking for payment again?

If, you have already purchased the Driver Restore registration key but the application is not accepting it or asking for the payment again, we recommend you not to make any purchase again.

Please wait for sometime and re-enter the key.

You can also uninstall the application and reinstall it. Thereafter, use the same key to activate the application.


FAQs - driver restore activation key

🔵 One activation key is valid for how many systems?

An activation key is valid only valid for one system. A user can’t make use of the same key on a different PCs.

They will have to purchase the Driver Restore activation keys for all the ‘n’ number of systems where they wish to install this application.

FAQs - driver restore activation key

🔵 I have multiple systems so can I use same key for all the systems?

No, we don’t authorize a registration key for more than one system. So, you can not use the same key for all the systems.

If, you want to use Driver Restore on multiple systems to scan the outdated drivers, you will have to install it on all the systems and purchase one key per system.

FAQs - driver restore activation key

🔵 How can I contact Driver Restore Support?

If you didn’t find what you are looking for or you have any queries regarding Driver Restore, we’re here to help you right away.

In order to get in contact with our Support team, you can send us an email to:

The email must include the following information:

  1. Order Id
  2. Registered email id details
  3. First name and Last name.

You can also send us invoice messages which are typically answered within 48 hours.



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You may also contact us on phone numbers given below:

FAQs - driver restore activation key

For Technical Support Call ☎️18883270072

🔵 I have already activated this software. But it is asking for registration key again.

If, you are constantly prompted to enter the registration key, you can uninstall the application. Reinstall it and enter the same activation key. The key will work fine. Now, you can scan and update your system drivers.

FAQs - driver restore activation key

🔵 I had trouble trying to open Driver Restore & activate after I already paid for 2 year subscription.

Don’t worry. Firstly, check your email if you have received the activation key. If yes, copy the key and enter in the Registration window. This will activate Driver Restore on your system. If still not working, reinstall the application in your PC and enter the same activation key. It will start working.

If you haven’t received the confirmation email, reach out to our support team @ or call us at  18883270072

FAQs - driver restore activation key

🔵 Getting an error ”Can not connect to Database”?

While scanning your PC, if you may get an error saying “Can’t Connect To Database”, check your Internet connections. In case, you are trying to use the application without Internet access, it will not work. Be sure you have proper access to the Internet.

If, you’re still getting the same error, uninstall the application and refresh your system. Now, reinstall and enter the same key. The application will start working.


FAQs - driver restore activation key

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