Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is a legal statement of how we will disclose, gather, use and manage personal customer data. This personal data may include any type of identifying details about an individual such as legal name, contact information, mailing address birth date, marital status, identification, financial records, medical history, credit, and the intent to purchase goods and services.

In business, the privacy policy is a legal statement that declares how a business will collect, store and release personal customer data. A privacy policy informs customers of the specific types of information that is collected and whether personal data will be shared with partners, sold to other enterprises or kept confidential.


Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions legal statement includes provisions that establish a contract between our company and our customers. Each term outlines the contractual obligation of both parties, including situations that may cause a breach. Some of the terms have less weight regarding the primary objectives of the Contact.


End User License Agreement

An end-user licensing agreement is typically presented in digital form after the customer purchases software. The user must accept the agreement before using the software by clicking “accept”. Since the user does not have access to an end-user agreement before making a purchase, it is considered a contract of adhesion.