Do I need to worry about SWP*DRIVERRE DUBLIN in my credit card statement?


If your credit card statement carries an entry for SWP*DRIVERRE DUBLIN, you need not be astonished or get worried about it. The entry simply means that you have purchased a Driver Restore software from its official website, driverrestore.com. The credit card bill will detail other aspects of the purchase, including the billing date and the billing amount, along with SWP*DRIVERRE DUBLIN.


At times you might also see SWP* DUBLIN on your credit card bill. It means that the payment for the product has been processed via Securewebpayments which has it’s headquaters based in Dublin.




  • SWP – is the name of the payment processor, i.e: SecureWebPayments (To Know more Visit Here)
  • DRIVERRE – is the product name, i.e: Driver Restore
  • DUBLIN – is the location (cityname) of Product head office, i.e: head office is located in Dublin.

Payment Process Explained

Driver Restore offers a simple and convenient way to update your system drivers that are either outdated or missing. Updating the system drivers help enhance the overall performance of the PC.

When you choose to buy Driver Restore software from the official website, you are redirected to the SWP official page, where you are asked to enter your credit card credentials to proceed with the payment process.

Following the receival of the payment, a confirmation mail will be generated and sent to your provided registered mail ID. The mail will provide details regarding your recent purchase, including the date of purchase and the billing amount, with driverrestore.com.

Apart from SWP, Driverrestore.com supports PayPal and Credit Card Billing options. You can even select these payment methods to process your online credit card transaction.

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What is SWP Gateway?

SWP or SecureWebPayments is a payment processor integrated with the official website of Driverrestore. The payment gateway permits an easy and advanced system of payment method for the users to purchase Driver Restore software from the site. The features of the payment gateway assists you with a secure credit card transaction.

SWP implements mandatory and strict standards to ensure the safety of the customer. SWP not only supports credit cards of varied companies but even promotes different currencies and languages.

If you have any billing question or want to get in touch with driver restore support