My credit card statement has an entry – BLS*McAfee9258923044. What does it signify?

Your credit card details might be including a charge generated from “BLS*McAfee9258923044”.  The entry signifies that you or any of your family member has purchased McAfee, the payment for which has been made using the credit card.

The credit card statement will also provide other details regarding the purchase of the software, including the date of purchase and the amount paid for the product.

bls*mcafee 9258923044

What does BLS*McAfee9258923044 stand for?

BLS*McAfee9258923044 can be segregated into the following sections:


BLS: BLS stands for Bluesnap. It is the payment gateway that has been used to process the payment for the product.


McAfee: It is the name of the purchased product/software.

9258923044: It is the customer care number. You can contact the support team on this number in case of any queries.


Your credit card statement will have a record of the BLS*McAfee9258923044 if you have bought McAfee after purchasing Driver Restore. You need not panic or get worried about it.

These are the purchase details for McAfee, the payment for which has been processed at the backend via Bluesnap.

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Payment process using Bluesnap

BLS or BlueSnap is a payment gateway that has been integrated to ensure safe and secure online purchase of McAfee. This payment gateway supports processing of online credit card transactions for multiple countries.

Additionally, Bluesnap supports credit cards of varied companies, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB etc. Thus, you can easily purchase McAfee online and add the charge to your credit card bill.

Users often restrict from online transactions due to frauds and phishing attacks. BlueSnap facilitates you with an anti-fraud, anti-identity theft, safe and secure environment to process the payments. It follows strict, protective measures to ensure that the credit card details provided by you are not copied or misused.

The data fed is converted to a token form, as a result of which the data form becomes insensitive. Additionally, it works in collaboration with Kount, a well-known name in the field of fraud prevention, to enhance the safety and security measures. Thus, assisting you with the best hassle-free experience.

BlueSnap offers certain other key features to serve the users in a better and effective manner. The payment gateway supports multiple currencies, languages, type of payment and countries. You can easily to carry out and manage credit card transactions using Bluesnap.

Following the successful receival of the payment, a confirmatory mail will be sent to your registered e-mail ID. The mail will include details regarding the recent purchase, such as:

  • McAfee Registration key
  • Procedure to install McAfee
  • Billing amount, date of billing and similar.

In addition to Bluesnap, the payments are even processed via other gateways like Adyen,, SWP. You can process the online credit card transaction using these payment methods to ensure safe and successful payments.


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