How To Fix Windows 10 Mouse And Keyboard Not Working Issues?

[:en] If your computer keyboard and mouse has stopped working or, you are experiencing the following issues: windows 10 mouse and keyboard not working at login windows 10 mouse and keyboard are…

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How To Fix & Update NVIDIA Drivers in Windows 10?

[:en] Windows 10 users normally face various issues related to the working of NVIDIA graphic drivers. Upgrading the system to Windows 10 may sometimes cause display issues. This blog post lists some…

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11 Ways To Protect Your PC From Wanna Cry Ransomware

[:en] For the past three months, WannaCry ransomware has been a known name across the globe. Majority of the cases related to ransomware have been reported in the United States, Italy and Canada. The…

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6 Ways To Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10 Problem

[:en] Often users have come across certain issues after upgrading their systems to Windows 10. A common concern that you may face is related to the functioning of Bluetooth. Following the windows 10…

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Windows 10 Creators Update – Everything You Need To Know

[:en] What is Windows 10 Creators Update? The Windows 10 Creator Update codenamed Redstone 2, recently launched by Microsoft is all a creative user or gamer would have asked for. This Creator Update…

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How to Update Audio Drivers in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP

There are high chances that you may face audio driver issues after upgrading the system to Windows 10. Your driver concerns can be: The latest audio driver not being installed Need to know How to…

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Windows Drivers – Few Things You Need To Know About

[:en] What Are Computer Drivers ? Windows Device Drivers or simply Drivers are computer(Windows as OS)  protocols, which control the proper working of a specific kind of device attached to the…

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