Yes, we offer you the opportunity to get a free scan of your computer in order to allow you to evaluate whether you wish to purchase the product. The free scan will summarize the types and number of old or missing drivers on your computer and we believe this will give you more confidence about the usefulness of this product. You may purchase the product from our website and gain the full range of the software’s capabilities.
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our product and customer support. If, for whatever reason you are dissatisfied, do not hesitate to let us know. We can give you a full refund for the product within 60 days from the purchase date.

Using the copy and paste commands, follow these steps:
– Highlight the license key by placing your cursor at the beginning of the license key, then press and hold the left mouse button while dragging the highlighted bar at the end of the license key. Then let go of the left mouse button.
– You can copy the highlighted text by right clicking your mouse and then choose “Copy”. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+C on the keyboard.
– Then go to Driver Restore and click the Registration icon.
– On the field for license key, right-click again then choose “Paste”. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+V on the keyboard.

Go to Contact Us page on our website or click on the link at the top of this site. You can send us a message about your question or support needs. The Contact Us page also contains our support number. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are fully confident in our product and thus provide a 100% money back guarantee, if a refund is requested within 60 days of purchase of the product. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, just contact us and we will issue the requested refund within 30 days. Please note, receipt of your refund may take time from when we issue it, depending on the refund processes of your credit card or bank. As such, please allow up to four weeks for your refund to process and contact us immediately if you do not see it by that time.

Automatic Renewal is an option that allows you to conveniently maintain your product subscription and functionality. By enrolling in Driver Restore’s automatic renewal program, near the end of your current enrolment term Driver Restore will notify you that you will be charged for a new term without any additional action by you to the payment method you specified in the enrolment period. You may cancel the Automatic Renewal service at any time for any reason by contacting us. Also, as per our Satisfaction Guarantee, the user can ask for a refund within 60 days from the date, his/her order is auto-renewed. For more detailed information on our Automatic Renewal Service, please review our Website Terms and Conditions or the software’s End User License Agreement.

Within each email you receive there is an unsubscribe link. You just click on it and this will initiate the unsubscribe process. Alternatively, you may Contact Us. Please be patient as this may take approximately 7 days to go into effect and for you to stop receiving such emails.

For more information on how to uninstall Driver Restore, please use our uninstall walkthrough.
Please note a cookie containing a unique ID may remain on your computer. It can be removed via your web browser.

We are always interested in forming new affiliate relationships. Please contact us via Affiliate Contact Page and we will get back to you.

No, Driver Restore is not a PUP(Potentially Unwanted Program).
– For each and every action i.e download, install, scan, update etc user’s permission is required.
– Driver Restore cannot take any action without the user’s permission.
– On Uninstallation, it remove all files of software from the user’s system.

Most likely it is because your antivirus/anti-malware program is out of date, or its not quality software. We work closely with some of the most reputable companies like Symantec, McAfee, AVG, and more. If you experience it, please reach out to our support so we can help you whitelist it.

No, Driver Restore is not a virus. Driver Restore is one of the best utilities to download and install your drivers automatically. Driver Restore comes with an clean uninstaller which completely removes Driver Restore from your computer. Also, you can uninstall the Driver Restore anytime from the control panel. Upon uninstallation, it removes each and every file of our software from user’s system.

Alternatively, you may Complaint and provide us your details to help you better.

Yes, Driver Restore is totally safe and free from any kind of viruses. There are an ample amount of software programs that come with the unwanted programs that could instantly change your web browser’s home page, add extra extensions or cause some other issues. Driver Restore doesn’t bundle up extra programs and also the installation process is hassle free and simple.

Driver Restore supports Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. With Driver Restore, you can easily get the drivers for both the old and new devices.

There is no need to worry in case you forget the registration key. The registration key is always present in the confirmation email sent you after the purchase. In case, the email gets accidentally deleted you can always contact our support team.

Yes, your account will be automatically charged for the renewal.

Yes, you can surely update the drivers manually but updating all of them one by one could be time consuming job for you. Browsing for the right device, spending time online to update drivers is definitely not a fun task. So, finding a good update tool for updating the drivers automatically is a good choice.

The registration process is really easy for a user. Please click on the link.

The installation process for Driver Restore is easy and simple. Please follow the instructions one by one, as provided here.

The user can view the ‘Registration Key’ number in the order confirmation email.

No, you can purchase the order via different payment methods. We provide you an option to make a payment either via credit card or paypal.

Yes, you need Driver Restore for your system if you want to get rid of the extra work like online searching, downloading and installation of the drivers. This program offers you a simple interface where it provides all the features in just a single click. Also, a user can enjoy free scan feature that can scan your system and lets you know about your missing or outdated drivers.

Driver Restore is a simple driver updating software that scans your system and provides you information about your missing, outdated drivers.

No, Driver Restore is not a malware. The program installs in the user’s system with their permission and is installed in the user’s specified location. You can uninstall it anytime. After uninstallation, it doesn’t leave any trace of its existence in the user’s system.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase. Please note, receipt of your refund may take time from when we issue it, depending on the refund processes of your credit card or bank. As such, please allow up to four weeks for your refund to process and contact us immediately if you do not see it by that time.