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Logitech Mouse Not Working - download update Logitech Wireless Mouse drivers Windows 10

Is your Logitech mouse not working properly after upgrading to Window 10? This problem is most probably caused due to outdated Logitech mouse drivers. The mouse driver might have been removed, are outdated or incompatible with Window 10, due to which such Logitech mouse drivers issues occur. Most often, you can resolve this Logitech mouse driver not working problem in Windows 10.

There can be various reasons your Logitech mouse has stopped working, but you don’t need to worry. Before you go ahead and make yourself familiar with the reasons your Logitech Wireless mouse has stopped working, you should be well-versed with the symptoms. Here are the key signs –

  •  logitech wireless mouse not working in windows 10
  • Pointer does not seem to respond every time you move the pointing device.
  • No action is performed on clicking a button on the clicking device.
  • The pointing device tends to stop working on its own after some time.
  • Logitech mouse not detected by Windows 10 once it is connected to the PC/laptop. After running the Add New Hardware wizard, the issues stay intact.

Now you have made yourself aware of the symptoms; you can follow the below discussed instructions to have a prompt solution for your issue. It is not imperative to have a go at all these but pick the one that best works for you.

Before updating drivers, try the following tricks first. They may work like a charm on your case.

1. Unplug the mouse and plug the mouse again.
2 . Test the mouse on a different USB port. 

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Fix Issue with USB devices after Windows 10 update

 Issue with USB mouse devices after Windows 10 update

Ways to Download and Update Logitech Drivers Windows 1010 Ways to Fix Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working in Windows 10

Apart from these you can find various other ways to download and update logitech mouse drivers in Windows 10.

1..Remove unifying receiver and batteries

Probably one of the easiest and hassle-free things you can do when your Logitech Wireless mouse has stopped working. The best part of this method is that it always works. When you remove and then again insert the device, this will only provide the device a much-required restart to the device.

2.. Change the batteries

AA alkaline batteries are the primary source of power to Logitech wireless mouse. Remove the batteries for one minute, and then put them back again. If the issue persists, this is a clear indication that it is about time to change the batteries.

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3.. Use the mouse on another computer

Using your wireless mouse on another PC/laptop will help you decide whether the mouse can survive anymore or it is about time to get rid of it. In case, the mouse works fine on another computer then it is a clear sign that the device is completely fine and has no issues.

4.. Driver’s Conflicts

Well, you can get yourself out of this ordeal by updating the mouse’s drivers. You can check whether the issue is there with Logitech Mouse driver by going to Device Manager. If you come across a yellow mark on the mouse device, this is a clear sign that your driver is not working as it should be. Before you go ahead and update the drivers, make sure you have tried below-discussed tricks –

  •      Unplug the mouse and try plugging the mouse again once again.
  •      The mouse should be tested on a different USB port.

If still the issue persists, you can go ahead and follow any of the below-mentioned points to update Logitech Mouse drivers –

  •      Download and install the driver manually.
  •      Update the driver automatically.

logitech mouse not working issue windows 10How To Update Logitech Wireless Mouse Driver In Windows 10?

Want to update Logitech Wireless mouse drivers for Windows 10? update your Logitech mouse driver easily with the methods below. Let us discuss these methods in detail to have a better understanding.

Download Logitech wireless mouse drivers windows 10Download Logitech wireless mouse drivers windows 10 manually

You can go to Logitech official website to download and install the latest Windows 10 drivers manually. But it is obviously time consuming. Instead of manually updating Logitech mouse drivers, we recommend using Driver Restore. Follow these steps to update logitech mouse drivers from official site –

  •  Go to the official website of Logitech and look for the particular model of your Logitech wireless mouse.
  •  Once you have found a specific model of the mouse on the website, you need to go to the driver download page. Here, you can download the correct and latest driver of the mouse.
  •  Download the driver as per the variant of Windows 10 on your PC/laptop such as Windows 10 7, 8, 10, 32-Bit or 64-Bit, etc.
  •  Finally, open the downloaded file on your PC and follow the instructions carefully to install the driver on your PC/laptop/

Logitech Mouse Not Working in Windows 10 [Solved]

Logitech Support mouse driver downloads windows 10

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Logitech Wireless Mouse Driver Download for Windows Update logitech wireless mouse drivers windows 10 automatically

Just in case you don’t have the patience, computer proficiencies and time to update the driver manually, then you also have the option of getting it done automatically with Driver Restore.

The best thing of updating Logitech Wireless Mouse driver automatically is that it can be downloaded irrespective of the system your computer is currently running on. Besides, you don’t have to worry about downloading the wrong driver and goof up while installing the driver. Driver Restore has everything under control.

Driver Description

Download drivers for Logitech Wireless Mouse devices Windows 10 x64, install Driver Restore software for automatic driver download and update.

  • File Version: 8.5
  • File Size: 2.33M
  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Download Logitech wireless mouse Drivers Windows 10
  •  Download and install Driver Restore.
  •  Run Driver Restore and hit the button of Scan Now.
  •  Driver Restore will conduct a thorough scan of your PC/laptop for any problematic drivers.
  •  Hit the update button (which you will find adjoining your wireless mouse) to download the correct version of the mouse’s driver, followed by manually installing it.
  •  You also have the choice of hitting the button of Update All (which you will find at the bottom right) to update the drivers automatically. This will require Pro version – you will be asked to upgrade as and when you hit the button of update all. Rest assured that you will receive comprehensive support.

5.. Use mouse on a different surface

There are strong probabilities that metal items and electrical items may meddle with the mouse’s signal. Even if you are not having apt knowledge of electricals, make sure that both the mouse and the receiver are kept at a safe distance from electrical gadgets such as cellular telephones, wireless receivers, etc.

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6.. Try and Alter USB port

It is found that a broken USB port can also be a spoilsport. You can try plugging the USB unifying receiver into another USB port to make out whether this really proves beneficial in resolving the issue.

7.. Hardware Alterations

If nothing has worked your way so far then you scan for hardware changes. Follow the below-mentioned steps –

  •      Open Run > type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter
  •      Locate your Logitech Wireless mouse
  •      You need to right-click on your wireless mouse > Scan for hardware changes

8.. Use Mouseinfo Diagnostic Tool

Mouseinfo Diagnostic Tool and IntelliPoint software are installed together. You will not have access to the tool if you don’t have this software. You can install the software here – http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/download/download.aspx?category=MK

Note – If you try to use this tool along with Bluetooth devices, then it will not work.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to open Mouseinfo tool –

Windows Vista or Windows 7 –

  •      Hit Start
  •      Hit All Programs
  •      Hit Accessories
  •      Hit Run
  •      Type Mouseinfo in the Open box and then hit Ok.

For Windows XP –

  •      Hit Start
  •      Hit Run
  •      Type mouseinfo in the Open box
  •      Hit Ok

9.. Initiate Clean Boot

At times, the wireless mouse drivers can have a conflict with the third party software, owing to which you cannot use your wireless mouse. To resolve this issue, you need to initiate Clean Boot on your PC/laptop and find out the actual issue step by step.

For details got tohttps://support.logitech.com/en_us/article/228

10.. Scan Disk for Malware

Nobody wants to see malware in their PC/laptop because it can harm your operating system, data, applications, and drivers. Scan your system for malware with the help of malware scanners. In case you don’t have a malware scanner in your PC, you will have to download it and install in on Windows 10.

Download Logitech mouse Drivers Windows 10 If you need assistance, please contact Driver Easy’s support team .

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